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We study dialogues that reflect different ways to respond to conflict situations to develop an AI-based educational training. Help us build a large collection of dialogues! Enter our chatroom and have a conversation with someone else connected at the same time. We have several prize draws of £25 Amazon vouchers every week to reward your effort.

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About the study

Conflict and disagreement are a normal part of social life, the challenge of conflict lies in how one chooses to deal with it. Managing conflict effectively is an important skill.

We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers at King's College London interested in studying dialogues that reflect different ways to respond to conflict situations. The end goal of the project is to create a virtual agent that can entertain conversations and provide the basis for educational training on conflict-resolution enhanced by Artificial Intelligence.

To recognise and analyse human natural languages, we use modern data science and computational techniques called Natural Language Processing. We are asking for your help to build a large collection of dialogues, with different nuances, expressions and ways to convey emotions. The larger our collection of dialogues, the more precise our analysis will be and the more useful for society the results will be.

This project's team

Elisa Cavatorta

Associate Professor, King's College London Behavioural Economics, Quantitative Methods

Helen Yannakoudakis

Assistant Professor, King's College London Computer Science, Natural language processing

Stefan-Dragos Ene

UG Student, Dep Political Economy Interested in data science and economic behaviour